Etha-Guard - superior ethanol protection

E10 petrol pump

Etha-Guard - the ethanol solution

Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus contain Etha-Guard Ethanol Stabiliser. Etha-Guard protects your vehicle against ethanol corrosion, enabling the safe use of both E5 and E10 ethanol blended unleaded petrol.

  • Etha-Guard enables E5 and E10 fuel use

  • Protects fuel system against corrosion

  • Prevents acidity in ethanol fuel, keeping fuel system clean

  • For pre-1996 vehicles without catalytic converter


E10 95 fuel pump

The Ethanol Issue

The standard grade of petrol supplied at all filling stations in the UK is Premium Unleaded 95 octane E5 (known as 95 E5). This grade of petrol contains 5% ethanol.

Super grade fuels of usually 97 to 99 octane typically, though not always, contain 5% ethanol.

The European Union Fuel Quality Directive introduced a specification in 2011 that petrol may contain up to 10% ethanol. This petrol is commonly known as E10.

E10 petrol is currently sold in France, Germany, Belgium and Finland, with other EU members looking to introduce it. The UK is on track to meet its target of 10% ethanol content in petrol by 2020.

The UK Government’s own analysis shows that there are around 1 million petrol cars registered in the UK that are not approved for use with E10, as well as a significant number of motorbikes and scooters. Many of these are classics, but around half are less than 25 years old.

Ethanol blended petrol is less harmful to the environment than unblended petrol, with less carbon monoxide emission produced. The disadvantage of ethanol blended petrol is that it isn’t suitable for all vehicles, especially older vehicles.

Ethanol blended petrol is acidic. In unapproved vehicles it can cause corrosion in the fuel system.

Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of ethanol in petrol.