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Technical Information

Valvemaster™ and Valvemaster™ Plus - The Best Protection After Lead

Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus provide the best protection against valve seat recession after lead, while keeping the fuel system clean and providing excellent corrosion protection.

The unique phosphorus based formulations provide the best possible protection in all driving conditions - including high speed motorway driving or towing, guarding against metal contact between valves and the soft valve seats - the job previously done by lead.  Without such protection, engines may experience valve burning, loss of compression and engine failure.  Classic sports cars engines in particular operate at higher revs, are often driven at sustained speed, and therefore require the level of protection that Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus provide - something many other lead replacement products cannot offer.

Both products carry the endorsement of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and have undergone independent screening to provide users with reassurance.

"Independent research shows phosphorous offers the best engine protection, and Valvemaster™ ensures consistent performance for engines originally designed to run on leaded fuel."


Octane Boost

Classic Valvemaster Plus provides an additional octane boost, to boost unleaded fuel to the correct octane level.  This reduces pinking or knocking and the need to re-tune.  Performance engines requiring even higher octane levels can achieve this by using Valvemaster Plus with 99ron octane super-unleaded petrol.