Valvemaster™ and Valvemaster™ Plus Octane Boost
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Classic Valvemaster™ and Valvemaster™ Plus

the best protection after lead


Now with Etha-Guard - superior ethanol protection

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Tested and endorsed by fbhvc

Tested and endorsed by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.  The unique phosphorous based formulation provides the best possible protection against damaging metal to metal contact between the valves and the soft valve seats - the job previously done by lead.  Without such protection your engine may experience valve burning, loss of compression and engine failure. 

Valemaster and Valvemaster Plus bottles

Lead Replacement Petrol Additive

Valvemaster is the recommended solution for cars and motorcycles requiring valve seat protection.  Valvemaster contains Etha-Guard ethanol stabiliser enabling the use of Ethanol E5 and E10 petrol, preventing acidity, protecting against corrosion and keeping the fuel system clean. Valvemaster Plus contains Etha-Guard ethanol stabiliser and Octimise-Plus, a friction modifier giving increased acceleration and fuel economy.