Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Classic Valvemaster™ the same as Castrol Valvemaster™?

Yes, Classic Valvemaster is exactly the same product with the same formulation, previously referred to as Castrol Valvemaster. It is manufactured in the UK by the original manufacturer who made Castrol Valvemaster, with no change to formulations. The products are designed for use in classic cars and motorcycles dating from the turn of the century to the end of the 1980's and offer the best protection after lead. Valvemaster should not be used in todays' modern vehicles, many of which have catalytic converters fitted. Castrol decided that it would be appropriate for Castrol Valvemaster and Castrol Valvemaster Plus to be offered within the classic vehicle sector - hence the change to 'Classic' Valvemaster.

How much Valvemaster™ do I need to use?

Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus are very economical and easy to use.  One 250ml bottle will treat 250 litres of petrol.  The unique bottle design has a user-friendly self measuring device for instant visual indication of how much additive to use.  This provides motorists with the flexibility to fill up with varying quantities of petrol.

Can I use Valvemaster™ Plus with super unleaded?

Both Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus can be used with either standard unleaded or super unleaded fuels.  Valvemaster Plus will raise the octane level of all unleaded fuels - 95, 97, and 99ron - by up to an additional 2 octane points.

Do I need to Re-tune my engine?

The octane boost from Valvemaster Plus removes the need to retune your engine to reduce engine knock or 'pinking' when using lower octane fuel.

can I switch to Valvemaster™ from a different additive?

Yes.  Valvemaster and Valvemaster Plus are both compatible with most other commonly used fuel additives. However, you should avoid mixing with sodium based products. We recommend that you first reduce to a minimum the fuel level in your tank before refilling with unleaded fuel and  Valvemaster or Valvemaster Plus.

Can I use Valvemaster™ if my engine has carburettors?

Valvemaster or Valvemaster Plus will work effectively in cars fitted with either carburettors or fuel injection.

Is Valvemaster™ suitable for catalytic converters?

No.  Valemaster and Valvemaster Plus should not be used in vehicles fitted with a catalytic converter.

Where can I buy Valvemaster™ and Valvemaster™ Plus?

Valvemaster range is available throughout the UK, across continental Europe and countries worldwide.  In fact, wherever a requirement exists, Valvemaster is available.  For assistance in locating Valvemaster you can visit our where to buy page or contact us here.