Octimise-Plus Friction Modifier

Valvemaster Plus contains Octimise-Plus, a friction modifier that increases acceleration and increases fuel economy.

Valvemaster Plus increases acceleration by up to 3% and increases fuel economy by up to 2%.

Valvemaster Plus can be used with whichever octane rated fuel your classic vehicle performs best on: 95, 97, 98, 99 or even higher octane rated petrol, both regular and E5 or E10 ethanol.

How does it work?

  • In a typical engine, about 25% of fuel input is converted to useful work

  • 75% of energy is wasted

  • Friction modifiers work by reducing the mechanical losses

Octimise-Plus has 2 modes of action.

  1. Fuel mixing with the lubricating oil at the piston ring and liner leads to an immediate change in the co-efficient of friction at this point.

  2. Fuel mixed with the lubricant can migrate into the sump altering the bulk lubricant properties for a long term effect.

Octimise-Plus gives the following instantaneous benefits:

  • 2% improvement in fuel economy

  • 3% improvement in acceleration